Custom Orders

You must be interested in a custom order! I really enjoy creating custom jewelry. Here is how you can get started.

Wrapping Your Stone

This is my most common request! How I can wrap a stone greatly depends on the stone itself. I personally prefer working with cabochons, which are mostly symmetric stones with a flat back, but I can work with many others. Hearts, crystals, and tumbled stones can prove a challenge. Keep the shape of your stone in mind as you pick out your design.

Pendant Designs

Here is a collection of my current pendant designs. I am open to new ideas! Note: yours will not look exactly like the photo! You can see more photos in my portfolio.

Pendant Bails

A bail is the top part of the pendant, where the chain goes into. Here is a variety of the bails I create.
Note: yours will not look exactly like the photo! I can combine and change as needed. Not sure which one? I can either narrow it down or choose for you!

Bracelet Designs

Here is a collection of my current bracelet designs. I am open to new ideas! With bracelets, beads or drilled stones are best for me to work with. *I am working on more designs*

Earrings Designs

Here is a collection of my current earrings designs. I am open to new ideas! Please note: stone and metal get heavy fast, so please consider this before asking me to wrap a large rock to hang from your earlobe. With earrings, beads or drilled stones are best to work with. My copper earring hooks are made out of noibium, a very safe metal. Sterling silver earrings have solid sterling silver ear wires. *I am working on more designs*


I work in copper, sterling silver, and gold-filled metals. I antique all my copper by hand and sterling silver upon request. I never coat any of my pieces, as the coating will wear off and then oxidized in an uneven, unattractive way. All copper and sterling silver will tarnish and oxidize over time. Gold-filled will not tarnish. I can combine silver and gold. I am planning on working with more metals soon, so let me know if you’d prefer something else.


I have sterling silver and copper-colored chains. I do not create these chains my self. I have 18, 20, and 24 inches in the following styles. Please let me know if you want a different style or size.


Let’s talk business. Price greatly depends on the metal you choose. It also depends on the design, as the style will dictate how much labor will go into a piece. You can get an idea of what my prices are by looking at my finished pieces in my Etsy Shop. Copper colored chains are included with copper pendants, but sterling silver chains come at an additonal cost. Custom orders do take time, so please allow at least a month for me to complete your project.
If you are in the USA, shipping will be $3. If you are out of country, it depends on the country but it will likely be around $12.
It is a bummer, but I have been swindled before. I may ask for half of the estimated cost upfront. This will not be refundable. If you are sending me a personal stone to wrap, and if you do not pay me once the piece is finished, you won’t get your rock back and I am free to do with it as I wish. By sending me a stone, you are agreeing with these terms.
You can pay me through PayPal or I can create a custom Etsy listing for you.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are ready for your custom jewelry journey to begin, send me an email with all the fixings!

Please include the following in your email
Stone: If you have a stone, please tell me its dimensions and send a photo. If you looking for a particular stone please tell me what shape, size, color, and material you are looking for.
Design: Please look at the designs above and pick your top two. Or you can suggust a new design. As I said, what style I can do depends on the shape of the stone I’ll be working with.
Bail: If we are making a pendant, tell me which bail speaks to you the most.
Chain: If we are making a pendant, tell me what chain style, metal, and length you want. You can buy more than one!
Size: If we are making a bracelet, let me know your wrist size. If we are making a pendant, let me know if you are looking for a petite pendant or a statement piece.
Timeline: When is your ideal time you would like this done? I’ll let you know if this is possible as soon as I can.
Metal: Tell me what metal you would like: copper, sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, gold-filled or a mix of gold and silver.

Send the email to

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

Have a beautiful day.